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Process, Fees and Time to Hire

Research Process:
During a research project Taylor Osborne typically completes five stages of research. Each stage can be undertaken independently or in conjunction with another depending on the client or the project's requirements. These include:
  1. Identification of Contacts - We gather market intelligence, company structures and contact details through desk research and cold telephone discussions.
  2. Expansion of Biographical Information and Sourcing - We draw on our wide network of sources and contacts to expand biographical detail of identified contacts and gather recommendations and further insight from key opinion leaders in the marketplace.
  3. Approaching Prospective Candidates - We discreetly approach candidates to promote your opportunity and help to facilitate an introduction to your business. 
  4. Screening Candidates - If a candidate is interested we will accurately detail their skills and aspirations through appropriate questioning. 
  5. Management of the Resourcing Process - We work with the client's team to help manage scheduling, interview process and referencing.
Fees and Pragmatic Pricing:
Pragmatic pricing is important for our clients. At Taylor Osborne we offer value for money without compromising the quality of our service and the information that we provide.
Time to Hire:
The average project start time from the initial brief is 5-7 working days.

On instruction to commence a research project we would meet face to face or alternatively via conference call with our client’s representatives to agree the required tasks and research strategy. At this time we would ask our client to outline the project details, what target companies they are interested in and their end goals.
We would then prepare a research proposal to outline these agreed tasks, resource commitments, costs and our proposed research strategy. This proposal aims to ensure that the client and our team are working to achieve the same end goals. We would require the client to approve this proposal before commencing the research project.
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